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Major Update! 2022-01-10

Next major update is released:   - Online cinemas and added to index (experimental feature)
  - Added Top50 movies according to "Kinopoisk" with ability to find them using our site.
  - Site design optimized for mobile devices and for size.
  - Fixed some minor bugs.

Small update! 2020-06-16

Next small update released:   - Added tracker
  - Fixed some lags and frequent 502 errors.

Another Update is released! 2019-09-22

Next major update is released:   - Added trackers and
  - Added localization (Russian, English and Ukrainian).
  - Added search results relevance adjust based on geolocation (in test mode).

Good news! 2019-08-30

We were able to unlock site on the territory of the Russian Federation, at the cost of removing a small number of pages from results, to which complaints from RKN come. Also added a few features:   - Added quick filter by search results.
  - Fixed a number of minor bugs, in particular on filtering the search bar.
  - Belarusian tracker,, added in test mode

First update! 2019-08-10

After more than six months, we are pleased to present you the long-awaited update:   - Feedback form added.
  - Design and scaling were a bit updated on mobile devices.
Main goals for the near future:   - Try to survive in the conditions of information blockade.
  - Add a few more trackers, including foreign ones.
  - Add interface localization by geolocation (at least English).
But there is bad news - Putler and Co. are not asleep, and, as expected, our site appeared in the registry of infamous 'Roskomnadzor' and was practically removed from the search results of all search engines in the Russian Federation. Now we need your help more than ever in promoting our resource. After all, there is no better motivation to develop a resource, except for the realization that people need it!

Hello world! 2019-01-11

We have opened! The main trackers of Ru/Uanet are added to the index: