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FAQ of some kind 2020-03-27

1. How to use You need to understand that is not Google. Queries like 90s action movies do not fit. The search is carried out on specific sites (trackers) where there are created releases that have titles. And the search process takes place precisely by these headings (and not by the description). In the request, you need to indicate the name of the film (tv show, game, book), year, quality (for video). You can specify the director, author, repacker, etc. Correct - ready player one 2018
Wrong - all tarantino movies, zombie movies
2. What sites does Torlook look for? At the moment they are: - online cinema - online cinema
3. What is a forced search? Forced requesting of trackers to update the results. After request, Torlook will show the number of releases found and the date at the time of the request - 175 matches shown out of 175 (2020-03-27). Actually, using this function, you can update the results to the current date. Please do not abuse forced requests. There is a cooldown. 4. What is the "filter" in the search results? Search results can be filtered by typing the word/number into the field. The page will update to show the filtered ones. 5. The results of this query are not available in your country? These results were removed at the request of the copyright holder. Try to change it, rewrite it (swap words, for example). Example: the query холоп 2019 is blocked, you can write 2019 холоп 6. "Yarrr! We tried to find something, but Kraken stole all the goods to the bottom of the sea" Perhaps there is a typo in the request or it is incorrectly worded (see paragraph 1), or really what you are looking for is missing from the trackers. 7. "Indexing in progress..." Sometimes magnets are not immediately available, you just have to wait. Or you don't have to wait and can follow the link to the tracker page.